Safi Kaskas is an administrator in the managerial sciences with over 40 years of broad-based experience in strategic planning, leadership and business ethics with an emphasis on strategic management in the corporate and academic worlds.

He is a co-founder of East West University, Chicago, IL; and was elected as President of its Board of Directors from 1979 – 2005. Under his leadership of the Board, East West University acquired its accreditation from the North Central Association and developed a strong fundraising network that built a solid foundation for its continued growth. He is currently a member of the University’s Board of Directors and a strategy consultant for a number of business organizations in the USA and Saudi Arabia. As the Founder and President of Strategic Edge Management Consultants, Dr. Kaskas helped many mid-level and large corporations successfully develop their business portfolios. His consultant firm focused on strategic development within the health care industry and founded the American Strategic Healthcare Management Company (ASHM) which owns diagnostic centers and plans to acquire healthcare institutions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabic. He organized participated and moderated hundreds of business seminars, workshops and lectures on strategic management and business ethics and a variety of related topics.

In addition to his focus on strategic management sciences, Dr. Kaskas has studied Abrahamic religions and lectured throughout the US on subjects related to Islam, the development of American Muslims and the future of Islam in the U.S.. With his study of the early followers of Jesus and the Development of the early church, he became a regularly invited speaker at universities, colleges and churches on reconciliation between Evangelicals and American Muslims.

Dr. Kaskas serves as a board member of Trac5, an organization working on faith-based conflict resolution and is invited to speak on a regular basis at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC on such topics as reconciliation, the Qur’an, and Jesus’ teachings. He is currently working with a group of Evangelical leaders to produce atranslation of the Qur’an with cross-references to the Old and New Testaments. He was also a member of AMSS and the founder and first Chairman of The New Orleans Islamic Center.

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