Muslims in U.S.A. the strategy of social integration

المسلمون في أمريكا.. االندماج في المجتمع إستراتيجية للعمل اإلسالمي بقدرالإمكان يف املجتمع االمريكي، وبناء قاعدة عمل حتتية من خالل الت سجيل والت صويت ورضب اجلذور يف التيارالأساسي للحياة السيا سية والثقافية واملجتمعية يف أمريكا. Click here for PDF

Meeting with American students from various Christian liberal arts colleges and universities

Tonight we had an open house for students to meet us and our friends including the Mayor of Amman Akl Baltaji. Eman and I addressed the students and the friends and we discussed a wide spectrum of theological issues, but we ended emphasising that we always need to focus on …

A visit to Dr. Hisham Nashabe the president of the Higher Institute of Islamic Study , Lebanon on the 17th of April 2017

I was honored yesterday to visit my mentor and teacher Dr. Hisham Nashabe the president of the Higher Institute of Islamic Study, to discuss my new book The Kindest of Manners. He agreed to write the forward for the book.

Participated in a conference under the auspices of Chatham House London

Regionomics I just participated in a conference held outside London, under the auspices of Chatham House. It was as a high-level, select and invitation-only meeting of senior business executives and economists from the Middle East region. We examined the economic, commercial and development incentives and benefits that would accrue to …

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